embrace the perfect wine temperature for optimal drinking experience

  • Serene solo moments with the perfect wine

    The perfect companion for serene solo tasting

  • Make a romantic memory over a shared bottle

    Make a romantic memory over a shared bottle

  • Savor fine wine and enjoy warm company with friends

    Celebrate with your loved ones by enjoying a fine wine

VIVANT Design & Technology

  • Designed for maximum efficiency and portability

    Designed for maximum efficiency and portability

  • Dual-cooling technology for precise temperature control as low as 8℃/46℉

    Dual-cooling technology for precise temperature control 8°C / 46°F to 20°C / 68°F

  • Removable and safe lithium ion battery for up to 4 hours of use

    Removable and safe lithium ion battery for up to 4 hours of use

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  • With Vivant products, find the ideal serving temperature for every varietal. From robust reds to delicate whites and lively sparklings, enjoy your wine precisely as the winemaker intended.

  • Chef Neil Macleod - Private Dining

    "It's almost like sous vide cooking, you get such an accuracy as to what temperature you want to keep your wine at."

  • Yohan Morel - Somm Spirit'D founder

    "It is a perfect tool for restaurants to use when opening a bottle of Romanée-Conti. We want to serve it at the right temperature. This is really amazing for high-end consumers and the restaurant industry."

  • @sicily_sommelier_

    Carmelo Dipasquale - Sicily Sommelier

    "Such an important white wine must be tasted at a constant and precise temperature. Only with @vivantwine are we able to keep it stable throughout the entire drinking process of the product. Simple and effective and without the clutter of wires we can peacefully position the appliance at the table and in the maximum silence, with a design that adapts to any place."

  • Arianna Vianelli - Digital Creator

    "Don't forget VIVANT at home to keep the wine cool! It is portable, small in size and, above all, wireless. It works with a rechargeable battery."

  • Kunihiro Hagimoto 萩本郡大 - Italian Chef Fine Dining

    Kunihiro Hagimoto 萩本郡大 - Michelin 1 star Italian Chef

    "VIVANT improves the quality of our service and dining experience. It allows us to serve wine to our customers at the right temperature and achieve the right flavor."

  • Amiann - Wine Educator

    "It puts premium wine chilling and serving on a higher level. Its sleek modern design is perfect alongside your everyday glassware."

  • Jon Andoni Rementeira - Sommelier

    "The experience of having tasted the wine at its ideal temperature thanks to VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler has been extraordinary, the primary, secundary and terciary aromas have been shown in their best version. In the mouth it has become much more pleasant, silky and balanced.I have definitely found an ally to taste and serve my wines spectacular."

  • Luma Monteiro - Decanter Wine Judge

    "VIVANT portable wine cooler can help you to keep your wine in the perfect temperature anytime, anywhere."

  • Andrea Zigrossi - Sommelier

    "an easy-to-use portable wine cooler, light and intuitive, that perfectly stabilizes the temperature of the wine. Simply the world’s smallest chilling system that makes the tasting unforgettable."

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