embrace the perfect wine temperature for optimal drinking experience.

  • Serene solo moments with the perfect wine

    The perfect companion for serene solo tasting

  • Make a romantic memory over a shared bottle

  • Savor fine wine and enjoy warm company with friends

    Celebrate with your loved ones by enjoying a fine wine

VIVANT Design & Technology

  • Exquisitely designed, effortlessly portable

    Designed for maximum efficiency and portability

  • Dual cooling system for precise temperature as low as 8℃.

    Dual-cooling technology for precise temperature control as low as 8℃/46℉

  • Removable, long-lasting, safety-certified battery for up to 4 hour

    Removable and safe lithium ion battery for up to 4 hours of use

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  • Chef Neil Macleod - Private Dining

    "It's almost like sous vide cooking, you get such an accuracy as to what temperature you want to keep your wine at."

  • Yohan Morel - Somm Spirit'D founder

    "It is a perfect tool for restaurants to use when opening a bottle of Romanée-Conti. We want to serve it at the right temperature. This is really amazing for high-end consumers and the restaurant industry."

  • Arianna - Digital Creator

    "Don't forget VIVANT at home to keep the wine cool! It is portable, small in size and, above all, wireless. It works with a rechargeable battery."

  • Andrea Zigrossi - Sommelier

    "an easy-to-use portable wine cooler, light and intuitive, that perfectly stabilizes the temperature of the wine. Simply the world’s smallest chilling system that makes the tasting unforgettable."

  • Kunihiro Hagimoto 萩本郡大 - Italian Chef Fine Dining

    Kunihiro Hagimoto 萩本郡大 - Italian Chef Fine Dining


  • Amiann - Wine Educator

    "It puts premium wine chilling and serving on a higher level. Its sleek modern design is perfect alongside your everyday glassware."

  • Jon - Sommelier

    "Thanks to VIVANT portable wine cooler has been extraordinary, the primary, secondary and tertiary aromas have been shown in their best version."

  • Luma - Decanter Wine Judge

    "VIVANT portable wine cooler can help you to keep your wine in the perfect temperature anytime, anywhere."

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