Venus How to Clean

When cleaning the Portable Wine Chiller, make sure to disconnect the power source and remove the battery to avoid any accidents.
Cleaning guidelines
1. Wipe with a soft ๏ฌber cloth to remove dust and dirt. If there are stubborn stains, use a mild cleaner such as dish soap or soapy water.
2. Avoid using alcohol, ammonia or bleach as these may cause surface discoloration.
3. For gaps and grooves, you can use a soft brush or cotton swab to clean.
Daily use precautions
1. Please pour out the water in the water tray immediately after use and place
it in a well-ventilated environment.
2. If traces of mold appear on the water tray without following the above
precautions, you can soak it in baking soda water or detergents to remove it.

โ–ฒEmpty the water tray after use. Steps 1~2 to unload the tray.