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When it comes to fine wine, precision is non-negotiable: in the vineyard, the winery, the cellar, and, finally, in each bottle’s serving temperature. Every single degree makes a difference to the taste experience of that iconic red, white, sweet, or sparkling wine in your glass. It’s no coincidence the importance of service temperature is drilled into every wine professional.

At VIVANT, we’re a team of wine lovers and designers that are dedicated to creating a new gold standard for wine-service accuracy and convenience. The result of our years of effort is the VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler, the fine wine appliance that makes achieving the right serving temperature effortless. We’ve achieved this by combining years of experience in aerospace-standard technology and top-tier design innovation all driven by the simple love of a glass of Bordeaux cru classé or Champagne served correctly.

The way we see it is centuries of tradition go into every glass of premium wine. This merits a cooler that serves your favorite bottle at a temperature that releases its distinct aromas and flavors profile. From vine to wine, VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler ensures meticulous artisanship is perfectly expressed as each winemaker intends for your pleasure.

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