Brand Story

" Life is short, and time is ever-changing. Sharing Vivant products with fellow wine enthusiasts, will certainly be the proudest legacy that Daniel and Vincent could ever bring to the world! "

  • A photo taken in front of the house where Daniel once resided in 1977.
     "A photo taken in front of the house
    where Daniel once resided in 1977."
  • Vivant wine technology is the culmination of nearly 60 years of combined experience in the technology industry in the East paired with a deep and abiding appreciation for fine dining and wine in the West.

    Both of our founders bonded over a shared problem; often, when dining at the best restaurants all over the world, they lamented that wines were often not being presented to their fullest potential due to challenges that a restaurant might face in controlling the temperature of the wine, in order to maintain peak quality over time.

    Two highschool friends started brainstorming a solution to this problem by applying their years of experiences in electrical engineering and semiconductor equipment; they wanted to find a way for true wine lovers to honor and appreciate the grape, the terroir, and the art of winemaking. Vivant was thus born!

    Through proprietary Taiwanese precision technology, Vivant is committed to providing the optimal drinking temperature for every bottle of wine at all of life’s celebratory moments, ensuring that every drop of wine tastes the way nature and the vintner intended.

Brand Philosophy

At VIVANT, we present your cherished wines at the precise temperature, unveiling their unique aromas and flavors. From vine to bottle, we meticulously honor the craftsmanship of winemakers, employing cutting-edge temperature control technology to bring you the utmost pleasure in every sip, every moment.